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BEAUTY MOVES is an opportunity for you to re-member & re-connect with your body’s innate ability to express the beauty of all creation in each moment. The theme of this event will centre around the reasons why movement is the medium that best represents true beauty.

We have brought together the best wellness facilitators paired with a venue that has been mindfully designed by local artists and top tier visuals & sound engineering.


Experience self love, self appreciation, and  divine beauty incarnate, together with your community.


This event will open your heart and fill your soul with light.

It's time to re-connect with our bodies, re-member our power, and celebrate the beautiful expressions of our unique selves.




June 11, 2022

10am - 4pm

70 people

$70 early bird

(ends June 4)

$80 regular 

Yoga Teacher
Oasis Adaptogens.PNG



Icebreakers/Dyads/Playful shadow work- 45 minutes


Primal movement- 20 minutes


Workout- 20 minutes


Stretch/yoga flow- 20 minutes


Breathwork- 30 minutes


Meditation- 25 minutes


Snack break- 35 minutes


DJ ecstatic dance (Local DJ’s)- 1.5 hours


Sound bath (grounding and closing the energy from the day relaxing and laying down)- 30 minutes


Closing connections- 30 minutes


Water bottle

Workout clothes

Comfy clothes

Yoga mat



Luke's mission is to help others realize their highest self, by giving them the tools that will allow them to have full control of their physical and mental states. Luke trains a community of hundreds of people that are willing to make the necessary sacrifices in their life to be better. He has watched them all succeed through the adoption of his methods.

Specializing in his philosophy, the 5 pillars of human potential. Matthew educates on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial pillars. He trains communities all over the world and assists healers and educators in unlocking their full potential. He uses a unique approach; an amalgamation of modern scientific understanding and ancient spiritual practices.


Jessica is a Holistic Embodiment Guide passionate about connecting people back to the wisdom of their bodies. She guides women towards self compassion, authenticity and innate wisdom for radical healing, increased intuition, building deep connections and a life full of meaning.

Brian is a Holistic Embodiment Coach deeply passionate about leading humans to live more purposeful, embodied, and holistic lives through movement, breathwork, and energy work. Weaving ancient and modern technologies to create a genuine experience of self-discovery, empowerment, play, and joy.


Kaila is a ceremonialist, kambo practitioner, and etheric sound healing artist. Her background is rooted in shamanic practices, soul retrieval, vocal channelling and energy healing. She is here to serve as a bridge for those who are ready to embark on their healing journey towards personal freedom and wholeness. Her highest intention is to create a safe space for you to come home to your soul's true embodiment.

Tayo has been connecting and collaborating with artists, musicians, and graphic designers over the past 10 years. As a music producer/songwriter he also organizes events around the world from Toronto, to Vancouver, to Cambodia, to Ghana and has launched a music production network called High Depth Music. Currently directing an International Music Documentary as well as an Animation Production, Tayo believes the creation and celebration of music is changing the world as we know it today!


Jill is a shamanic breathwork practitioner who helps to release & liberate you from what’s been in your shadows; holding you back unconsciously or consciously. Once these are released it creates space to rewire your thoughts and rewriting liming beliefs to empowering ones and recalibrate your energy body to be energetically aligned with the life you’re aspiring to.

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