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100 Days of Discipline, High Depth Music & Human Potential Academy PRESENT...


Awaken your senses and journey with us through the wilderness on an

Immersive Overnight Backcountry Experience

Welcome to DIVERCITY 2.0, round 2 of our exclusive overnight backcountry event in Pemberton, BC!

We're thrilled to announce that this event is back by popular demand! Last year's event was such a huge success that we knew we had to bring it back for another round. However, due to the limited capacity of the location and the overwhelming interest we've received, we will only be selling 50 tickets this year.

After arriving at our secret mountain top location, our event will begin with a sacred cacao ceremony, where you can partake in the ancient ritual of drinking cacao to open your heart and deepen your spiritual connection. Afterwards, you'll have the opportunity to adorn your face with tribal face painting, allowing you to tap into your primal essence and connect with your tribal roots.
The event also includes breathwork, where you'll learn powerful techniques to help calm your mind and deepen your connection with your body. You'll then move through a primal movement flow, designed to awaken your body and unlock your full potential.

As the day winds down, we'll come together for meditation and sound healing. You'll be able to sink deep into a state of relaxation as you're enveloped by the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments.

Afterwards, we'll crank up the energy with a silent disco where you can dance under the stars to your favorite beats. And when you're ready to rest, you'll retire to your cozy tent for a peaceful night's sleep.
Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to experience the magic of DIVERCITY for yourself. With only 50 spots available, tickets will sell out fast, so secure your spot now and get ready for an unforgettable night under the stars. See you on top of the mountain!


Accept this challenge of adventure, deep reflection, and high energy ceremonial connection... in the woods.


This is not just an event but a sacred journey for you and your tribe, with delightful surprises along the way.


Our experienced guides will lead you on a hike to a remote place where you just may have an authentic encounter with your self and others. We will, hike, dance, play, meditate, and feast on this beautiful land which welcomes us. Where it still lies separated from social media apps and the obligatory landscape photos for Instagram.


This is a very different kind of ceremonial experience that will leave you feeling connected to yourself, your family and the tribe of humanity. With a team of fellow wanderers, this will be an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.


Finally, the next morning we will return home … but never the same as when we left.



An experience is born on a daring quest into the wild! This celebration of life, love and community is a new way to embrace the mind-body-soul connection. Here is what you can expect on your adventure into authentic connection:



After your guided hike, you and your fellow wanderers will be initiated with hot cacao and ceremonial face painting. We will begin our transformation with opening ceremonies and an offering of love and peace to the land. Then we will ease into collective connection with some Dyad practices.

Girl with headphones.jpg


After a short break, join us on the dance floor of planet Earth where we dive into a Silent Disco DJ set led by Tayo. Ecstatic Dance and Movement to the sounds of Tribal Dance Music in the depth of mother nature, letting loose and free


Let’s celebrate!


(Silent Disco Headsets Provided) 



Now that your hearts are all warmed up and sparks are flying, we will be channeling this energy into our bodies. You will bring awareness to your physical experience through primal exercises as you connect deeply with the land with some primal flow yoga and a full body



Sound Healing

The natural acoustics of the mountain amplify the healing vibrations, creating a transformative and rejuvenating experience for your mind, body, and soul. Allow yourself to be transported to a place of peace and tranquility as you bask in the stunning views and healing frequencies of this one-of-a-kind event.



Cool it down just a bit by engaging in deep breathing techniques to release the stress caused by the world you left behind. This will help us to develop a more open experience spiritually, mentally and physically for the moment we return to that world.



Finally, as we bring the epic evening to a close, let us take a moment to honor our experience. Join us for tobacco prayers and offerings of gratitude to the Earth, as we let go of traumas, emotional wounds, physical pains, relationship issues and any burdening thoughts that may be weighing our spirit down.




September 02-03, 2023

All participants get 20% off entry into the 100 DOD Challenge + Other offers and prizes from sponsors

The location will be revealed 48hr before the event (located within 2.5 hours of Vancouver, BC)

Starts: 10am (Sept 02)

Ends: 1pm (Sept 03)

Capacity for this event is 50 participants

Early Bird: $243

Regular: $270

Registration closes


(or until spots are filled)


* Registration for this event closes August 31st 11:59pm PST.

** Entry into the challenge is valid for October 2023 and November 2023 challenges. Coupon expires October 31st, 2023




This is a pretty unique experience and we want you to get the most of it. Here is a breakdown of all of the things that are and are not provided for you at this event....


The experience includes:

  • Guides to bring you to the location and then back the following morning

  • All activities listed above

  • Tents (these are shared, so if you are not comfortable sharing a tent, bring your own)

  • Hot ceremonial cacao and face paint

  • Dinner (meat with veggie/fruit options)

What we recommend to bring:

  • Sleeping bag